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Sound Money. Sound Investments provides detailed analysis on Australia’s most undervalued stocks from the country’s preeminent value investing expert – Greg Canavan. Greg provides Sound Money. Sound Investments readers with his full analysis of Australian stocks trading below their intrinsic value.

Greg has been in the investment business in Australia for over 10 years and has appeared on several financial media outlets including CNBC, Sky Business’s ‘The Perrett Report’ and Lateline Business and has written articles for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian.

His system for identifying stocks trading beneath their intrinsic value combines a big picture understanding of the financial markets with a thorough valuation analysis of individual securities.

Sound Money. Sound Investments can help you create a portfolio of stocks based on sound, proven, value investing principles. Greg’s method of investing is not about taking huge risks and rushing into big positions.. He investigates highly profitable companies trading at a reduced premium to their net asset value, or ‘equity’ value as he puts it – and passes that research on to his subscribers to incorporate into their financial plan as they see fit.

As a reader, you’ll discover what a company’s profitability reveals about its true value…and more importantly how you can use that knowledge to become a better, smarter investor.

Sound Money. Sound Investments will help you implement a long-term wealth building strategy into your financial planning, better prepare you for the tough financial challenges ahead, and stop you from making the basic, costly mistakes that most private investors make every time they buy a stock.

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“[Sound Money Sound Investments] is written in plain English in a form that I could understand without wading through a lot of rhetoric.  Apart from being concise you come across as being genuinely concerned about the investment of your customers and back up your opinions with facts that can only be the result of a lot of hard work on your part.  Keep up the good work. Your faithful customer…”Milto

“Best newsletter I have subscribed to in 14 years of subscribing to investment newsletters.  Your basic investment philosophy is the most coherent I have come across & is the best one to explain current economic circumstances. Please keep up the great work!” Stephen Snelling

“You have no idea how good it was to find your newsletter. A friend passed on your site and I have been an avid reader and subscriber. Please keep up the good work; I am sure it is difficult and frustrating at times. But you are an important part of my life” William Simpson

“Thanks a Trillion for contributing to my financial and investment knowledge. It is now quite clear to me that we live in an unprecedented time where the opportunity to make a serious amount of money exists” – Peter King”